Redefining Entrepreneurship

Although we are legally and functionally a nonprofit, the social business mindset guides the Radical Grandma Collective in everything we do. Our first and foremost goal is to get those g’mas more ca$h money.

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Mariko Powers
Building A Weaving Center: Amplifying Threads of Change

Hello from Khon Kaen! We are two passionate Development and Globalization CIEE study abroad students who have been inspired by the weaving collective in Na Nong Bong. Meeting them, along with many dedicated human rights activists throughout our semester, emboldened us to take action and tap into our networks at home. We decided to kick start a social fundraiser to materialize their vision of a community weaving center. The center will house the looms for radical weavers from Na Nong Bong and other surrounding villages.

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Holiday Gift Guide

BIG NEWS: The RadGram store has just restocked so all of your favorite styles are available for your holiday shopping needs. Not sure which scarf to get? Not a problem! We present to you the RadGram Holiday Gift Guide to find a radically on point gift for everyone on your list.

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Zoe Swartz