Holiday Gift Guide

BIG NEWS: The RadGram store has just restocked so all of your favorite styles are available for your holiday shopping needs. Not sure which scarf to get? Not a problem! We present to you the RadGram Holiday Gift Guide to find a radically on point gift for everyone on your list.


Just like your friends and family, no two scarves in the RadGram store are exactly the same. Everyone loves a scarf in the winter, but it is important to choose a style to match the unique style and personality of each person on your gift list. RadGram has you covered - read on to find something for everyone, from your dad who “hates fashion” to your painfully hip best friend, to your quirky aunt who is happiest in head-to-toe purple.


Be sure to let all of your lucky giftees know that each scarf supports the work of radical women, so they can feel as good about their scarf as they look!


For your cousin who spent last summer on an organic farm…


The Ranong is made from all natural cotton and dyes created in Na Nong Bong, making it perfect for someone who cares about the environmental impact of their clothes. Elegant and earthy, the Ranong gives the wearer a little piece of the Thai countryside to carry with them when they yearn for the outdoors during those long months of winter.


For your boyfriend who is developing his personal style…


Is your boyfriend consciously trying to update his style? Is he beginning to experiment with new accessories? A scarf is the perfect place to start! With the Ellen, he’ll have a pop of color to make him stand out in crowd, yet look decidedly tasteful. Make sure that he knows the color of this scarf is called “burgundy” so that he can properly brag about this sophisticated piece. Also, let’s face it, it’s a gift that you can “borrow” for yourself and look great in too!


For your quirky aunt…

It’s a fact - quirky people love turquoise and really quirky people love turquoise paired with another bright color. The Emma, which originated as a Rogue style, will be the perfect addition to your aunt’s already charmingly offbeat outfit. Plus, there is a 78% chance that this scarf will match her glasses.



For your dad who “hates fashion”...

It can be a drag shopping for someone who has a “no muss, no fuss attitude” toward their clothing, especially when you have amazing taste yourself. Luckily, the Cooper is the perfect compromise. This splash of copper mixed with rustic brown will make your dad look a bit more put together and classy, yet to him it will say warm, practical, and not a fashion statement.


For your friend who looks cool no matter what…


You know that friend who wears a seemingly simple outfit yet somehow still looks like the coolest girl around? Her trick is to always have one killer accessory and the Margaret is just that. This scarf is sure to be a key feature in her effortlessly impeccable look.


For your own radical grandma…

A blanket AND a scarf!

Your grandma created your mom and consequently you, so she deserves double the RadGram love. Keep grandma warm inside with a blanket, and cozy and fabulous in a scarf outside when she takes you out for hot chocolate. You know her style best, though, so browse the shop to find the perfect gifts to match her home and rad personality.


Or... Donate!

Want to give the grandmas a gift this holiday season? Consider making a tax deductible donation to The Radical Grandma Collective to help the fearless women of Na Nong Bong continue organizing to defend their land from extractive industry. Weaving is an important part of life for the grandmas, but it’s also about much more than making beautiful scarves. The weavers are all part of a community group called People Who Love Their Hometown (PWLTH), which stands up to the mining industry that threatens the environment and villagers’ health. PWLTH uses donations to pay for medical bills, legal fees, and travel expenses while they network with other communities in Thailand and worldwide. When you donate to RadGram, your money goes straight to the grandmas, the radical women themselves, who know how to stretch your dollars for the good of the community. In fact,  the grandmas are already dreaming up a village weaving center (stay tuned for more details soon) that could come to life with a little financial support from YOU. Donate now to help the grandmas grow their business, protect their land, and build community.

Happy Holidays!

-The RadGram Team

Zoe Swartz