RadGram Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Now is the time to start shopping for all the radical people in your life. At RadGram, we understand that even if you are trying to avoid consumer culture this Holiday Season, you still sometimes want to give a gift to the loved ones who got you through the year. When you buy from RadGram, you can feel good knowing that 35% of profits go directly towards community organizing in Na Nong Bong.

Ready to give a gift with meaning but not sure which grandma-made creation to choose? Fear not, our gift guide has you covered, with suggestions for all the folks who make our lives so radical.

For the unwavering optimist

The Mary Natural Scarf

Despite the downs of 2018, we all know that one person who was able to remain hopeful for a brighter future and the revolution of 2019. To thank them for snapping you out of your spiral, treat them to the Mary Natural-Dyed scarf. Mary gets its sunny color from turmeric grown in the village. Plus, the grandmas grew the cotton and spun the thread themselves, all without the use of chemicals! The grandmas are changing the world and your optimist deserves to wear that inspiration everywhere.

For your friend whose job you don’t quite understand…

The Granny Fanny!

Do you have friend who does something obscure like scaling cliffs with middle-schoolers or operating a pedicab? You may not understand why they chose their career path, but you get that they need both hands free to conquer the undeniably strange challenges of their work. Even if you’re unsure about the fanny pack trend, this friend will thrive in it.

For your crush who moonlights in a jazz band…

The Luna Scarf!


The night swirls with mystery and a chill is in the air as she enters a smokey club. Her scarf is draped around her, concealing all but her piercing green eyes. She cuts through the crowd straight to the stage, where she pulls off the scarf with a smooth flourish and replaces it with a trombone. She begins to toot, the scarf lands at her feet, and the dazzled audience showers her with tips. Give her the Luna scarf to show that you have advanced artistic style, are generous, and respect her choice to wear it modestly or flashy.  

For the constant vacationer…

The Laura Scarf!

Your cousin seems to always be traveling. You know they have a real job but somehow their instagram makes it seem like they are always scuba diving in the Philippines. How do they do it? We may never know but you can get them a scarf that works equally as well in the office as it does lounging by tropical waters.

For your younger sibling applying to college…

The Cordelia Scarf!

Application season is a stressful time in the heart of the young academic. So why not get them a collegiate looking scarf that says, I love you no matter what your impending university colors turn out to be. This scarf lets them know that they are free to be Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. You’ll support them no matter what, as long as they don’t join Slytherin!

For Ruth Bader Ginsburg....

The Ruth Scarf!

Did you know that in addition to being a supreme court justice and top defender of our civil liberties, RBG is also a radical grandma?! You may choose to buy this scarf for your own grandma instead of RBG but all of these “RadGrams” deserve a scarf that is just as fire they are.

Zoe Swartz