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In Na Nong Bong, the grandmas do everything they can to protect the environment and their community. They know firsthand how chemical contamination can harm people and the earth, so minimizing the environmental impact of producing their scarves is crucial. This winter, RadGram is releasing a new line of 100% natural scarves in stunning colors that support our mission of environmental restoration.

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When asked about what is challenging about working with natural dyes, Mae Sri laughed and replied, “Everything. The entire process is hard and challenging and takes a long time.”  While creating sustainable fashion is truly not for faint of heart, Mae Sri believes that it is worth the effort. “It’s fun taking the time for myself,” she continues, “I enjoy seeing the entire creative process.”


Textile mills contribute 20% of the world’s water pollution so although RadGram’s production is small scale, the grandmas are actively working towards a safer and more sustainable model for textile production.