Consider making a tax deductible donation to The Radical Grandma Collective to help the fearless women of Na Nong Bong continue organizing to defend their land from extractive industry. Weaving is an important part of life for the grandmas, but it’s also about much more than making beautiful scarves. The weavers are all part of a community group called People Who Love Their Hometown (PWLTH), which stands up to the mining industry that threatens the environment and villagers’ health. PWLTH uses donations to pay for medical bills, legal fees, and travel expenses while they network with other communities in Thailand and worldwide. When you donate to RadGram, your money goes straight to the grandmas, the radical women themselves, who know how to stretch your dollars for the good of the community. In fact,  the grandmas are already dreaming up a village weaving center (stay tuned for more details soon) that could come to life with a little financial support from YOU. Donate now to help the grandmas grow their business, protect their land, and build community.