The RadGram Story

The Radical Grandma Collective is a collaboration between four women from the US and the radical grandma activist-weavers of Na Nong Bong, Thailand. The four of us were introduced to Na Nong Bong as undergraduate students on a study abroad program focusing on human rights and the environment. In 2015, we all found ourselves back in Thailand determined to continue working with the Thai communities that had inspired us so much. We were particularly eager to work with Na Nong Bong villagers because of their unfailing commitment to their cause and gutsy activism. In early 2016, we had a conversation with Ranong Kongsaen (or Mae Rote, as everyone calls her) to ask if there was any way that we freshly-graduated foreigners could help out the village. Mae Rote was quick to respond. She almost immediately pulled us into her house to reveal a cabinet bursting with vibrant handmade scarves. She then asked us if we thought we could sell those scarves internationally to generate some extra income for the fierce lady-weavers and further share the story of their hometown. From there, the Radical Grandma Collective was born. Really, the name says it all– the grandmas are doing all of their own weaving, organizing, and fighting. Our role is to bring them to you.