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Grandmas in the News:

"BANGKOK — A court found seven environmental activists not guilty Thursday of violating a law on public gatherings that imposes severe penalties for actions that disrupt public services.

The activists, all women, in November 2016 blocked access to a meeting at a local government office in Loei province in the country’s northeast to protest a request by a gold mining company to expand operations near their homes. They were charged by prosecutors on behalf of 16 people who said they were unable to attend the scheduled meeting due to the 20-hour protest.

The Loei Provincial Court dropped all charges against them, stating they had “innocently expressed their opinions, which is within their basic rights under the system of democracy.” 

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You may be wondering who we are and how we became lucky enough to know these awesome women. We met the grandmas when we were students on a study abroad program in Khon Kaen, Thailand. We fell in love with their community during our homestays with them and later, when we returned as staff for the program, we were able to deepen our collaborative relationship with the grandmas and their cause. There are ten years' worth of former students who have visited Na Nong Bong and support the community, and we are proud to be part of that legacy. We are committed to helping these radical grandmas reach their goals and to working with them in solidarity.

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