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The Radical Grandma Collective is a nonprofit online store that creates a platform to support women in environmental justice work.


Don't mess with grandma!

The Radical Grandmas tirelessly protest a gold mine that causes environmental destruction in their community. 

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For Ruth Bader Ginsburg....

The Ruth Scarf!

Did you know that in addition to being a supreme court justice and top defender of our civil liberties, RBG is also a radical grandma?! You may choose to buy this scarf for your own grandma instead of RBG but all of these “RadGrams” deserve a scarf that is just as fire they are.

For the unwavering optimist…

The Mary Natural Scarf

Mary gets its sunny color from turmeric grown in the village. Plus, the grandmas grew the cotton and spun the thread themselves, all without the use of chemicals! The grandmas are changing the world and your optimist deserves to wear that inspiration everywhere.

Get yourself a Granny Fanny

Do you constantly feel like a grandma, misplacing your phones, keys, and wallet? Granny fannys keep your valuables safe and you hands free for all your radical activities. 

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NEW Natural Dye Styles

Textile mills contribute 20% of the world’s water pollution so although RadGram’s production is small scale, the grandmas are actively working towards a safer and more sustainable model for textile production.  Read more…

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