Our Team


Katie Mathieson

Katie is our graphic and website designer. She had no idea that this was an interest of hers before RadGram, but she loves any opportunity to get creative and learn new skills.  Katie has worked with the non-profit affiliate of RadGram, ENGAGE (Educational Network for Global and Grassroots Exchange) since 2013. When Katie isn’t working on RadGram things, she works as a Field Instructor for the North Carolina Outward Bound School. She likes to balance time spent on a computer editing photos and web content with living out of her car and climbing or paddling all over the southeast. 


Becky Goncharoff

Becky is our primary liaison with the grandma weaving team, a perfect job for her given how much time she loves to spend on Mae Rote’s porch, chatting it up with whoever walks by in the village. She coordinates all of the Thailand-based logistics to create each order, brainstorms with villagers about what creative product they can make next, and ships the scarves from Thailand to Katie. Though Becky prefers to tell people she’s from Na Nong Bong, she was actually born in Kentucky. She is now based in Udon Thani, where she develops experiential learning opportunities for international students in Thailand as a Program Facilitator for Thrival World Academies and a Program Leader for Rustic Pathways. She has Mae Rote on speed dial!


Zoe Swartz

Zoe has always had a knack for telling stories and puts her skills to use by doing creative writing for RadGram. Zoe puts the words together for the website, video scripts, and other promotional materials to give our concept a voice. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts,  Zoe now occupies a yellow shot-gun house in New Orleans. When Zoe isn’t coming up with sassy radical grandma material, she rides a pedicab around the French Quarter or has her hands in clay making ceramic art. 


Mariko Powers

Mariko already spends a fair amount of time on Instagram and FB promoting her handsome cat, Cheddar, and his official persona, so it was a natural fit for her to take over social media management for RadGram. She also has an eagle-eye for editing and uses this skill to put the final touches on all our promotional materials. She is from Santa Cruz, California, and is currently obtaining her MA in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She hopes to return to Southeast Asia and use her skills to help the radical grandmas and the many other communities like theirs in fighting for environmental justice and sustainable, community-centered development.

Sam RadGram Headshot 2.png

Sam Ryals

 Sam has worked with ENGAGE, RadGram's parent organization, since 2010. She works closely with Katie, the ENGAGE Network Coordinator to take care of the less glamorous jobs at RadGram, like budgets, finances, and taxeseww. She works to ensure that RadGram and ENGAGE are up to snuff when it comes to non-profit and tax-exempt requirements. When not geeking over excel sheets or taking a crash course in non-profit law, she is busy managing her family's small motel on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast. 

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Praveena Fernes

Praveena is RadGram'd Community Outreach Coordinator. She initiates partnerships with US nonprofits and provides insight into the domestic non-profit and craft landscape.A San Francisco Bay Area native, Praveena loves slam poetry and cold cliffy beaches. Her belief in the power of storytelling feeds her daily practice.  She is a maker of higgledy-piggledy to-do lists, vegan cuisine, and the occasional scrapbook.